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Welcome to my page!

My name is Philip John Yap, and I am a video brand specialist and editor, and this is my short story.

Before discovering the world of digital storytelling, I was your typical white collar employee jumping from one unfulfilling job to the next. But I knew there was more to life than being stuck in an office (though there isn’t anything wrong with that).

Throughout my corporate journey, I was fortunate enough to meet highly successful entrepreneurs.

I had a chance to listen to their stories, which inspired me to pursue the same path.

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In this interview, I share how my journey started and how I successfully delivered value to all my clients.

Once I discovered my love for video editing, I left the corporate world and took the plunge to become a freelance editor.

My momentum never faded, and my spirit only grew from there.

As I became more experienced, I was able to build a system for myself.

This system helped me build my business from the ground up and has made me the highly-motivated person I am today.

My mission is to empower people to grow their companies through video. As an editor with a marketer’s heart, I can help you grow your business with vibrant, personality-driven videos and content strategies that keep your audience warm, nurtured, & engaged.

My main objective is to provide all my clients with extraordinary service. Whether your company or brand is in the middle of a transformation, or you are yet to start your journey as content creator, I will be right by your side through everything.

I will be more than just a video editor, I will be your partner in content creation. Feel free to contact me here for more info.

My Top 5 Clifton Gallup Strengths

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unchangeable traits that help me succeed to my fullest potential.

3 Fun Facts About Me


I am a paw-rent to the prettiest
German shepherd named Zelda. Our favorite activities together include going shopping in the mall, meeting fellow furriends in the park, going to the dog salon, playing with tennis balls, and relaxing in a cold room. Follow her
awesome life on IG @zeldagsd.

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The Modern Monica Geller

Trello, Wunderlist, To Do, ClickUp, Google Spreadsheets, LastPass, Tracking expenses, Folders, lists, boards, Color tags and more color tags! I love love love organizing and being organized. Basically my whole life is managed by apps. I can tell you the exact date and price of when I bought that candy bar 5 years ago. You can know literally everything about me just by stealing my computer.

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True Gamer

Gaming is a huge part of my life. I have been into gaming for almost two decades and have built my circle of friends around the love of playing games. From catching all the Pokemon as a young kid, to grinding that Ragnarok character to max level, to raking over 5000 hours on Dota Steam as of today, I know the gamer in me will never die, because gamers only respawn.