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Amplify your voice with videos that deeply connect

Here’s what you can expect from working with me:

  •  Grow your audience and authority online in a way that feels authentic and intuitive.
  • Turn viewers into buyers faster using video ads strategies and high-conversion script arrangements.
  • Never feel lost on what to make next ever again with video content planning
  • Hold their attention much longer with amazing editing effects through professional post- production.
  • Accelerate your YouTube and Social Media journey with effective post-upload marketing plans.
  • Be able to take time off or book that vacation without feeling guilty about not showing up for your audience.

Taking your ideas to the next level through video

Here are the most requested video categories of 2023!

Company Landing Videos

If you are building your business’ online presence, you definitely need that ONE video that tells your audience who you are and what you do!

This is perfect for your website landing page, your social media cover video, a sponsored ad video, or your YouTube channel home pinned video.

Dynamic Vertical Short Form

Take advantage of the hype of Short-Form Vertical Snippets!

Build your Instagram Reel Page following and YouTube Shorts audience with these special designed vertical snippets are made with dynamic highlighting animated subtitles, sound effects, emojis, custom animations, and B-rolls stock footage.

Full Social Media Package!

Build your brand’s social media following with the right video formats for each platform. If you are a YouTuber, influencer, online coach, or content creator, this is for you.

This set contains a fully edited main video, full length vertical video, shorts/reels video snippets, square-type videos, vertical thumbnails for your reels page, and a custom designed thumbnail for Youtube.


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"Maximize efficiency with AI-powered productivity tools!"

I invest in new software and training to bring you a higher level of creativity, storytelling, and engagement for your videos.


Be one of my extraordinary customers

Video plays an intrigal part in my business. As a business owner it’s just one of the many important things I have to focus on. Which is why I need an amazing video editor that I can depend on. Philip is one of the most reliable people on my team and hiring him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He does great work, he’s fast and efficient, and most importantly I can count on him to deliver an awesome final video. Because Philip is holding down video editing for me, I’m free to focus on other areas of my business. I would definitely recommend Philip to any colleagues or friends that needed a great video editor.

Jeff Wenberg

CEO of Common Wealth Today

Philip goes above and beyond when editing the videos and adds so many features that really make the videos pop and look so professionally done. He has so much knowledge in social media, marketing, and ad conversions which has really helped us generate more leads and ultimately more revenue. Lastly, Philip has a clear understanding of the real estate industry and has created amazing property listing videos for our team that have played a significant role in generating multiple offers and very happy clients. I cannot recommend Philip enough and his video editing skills.

Blake Davenport

Realtor and Founder of Discover Arlington

Working on music videos can be very demanding considering the several layers of clips which take up a lot of my time. Working with Philip, he easily interprets what I want for my videos and is very imaginative with the output. Once the drafts come back after Philip’s editing, the timelines are always fresh and super organized, which makes adding final touches a breeze! He is efficient and his work is top-notch. I’d highly recommend him.

David Francisco

American Idol Singer | Producer

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